Sound Images
Cymatic is the unique way to make sound visible. In this project we transferred the sound of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra through sand into vibrant visuals.
Runter vom Gas
This road safety campaign aimed to slow down speeders by empathizing with emotions of the up to 113 people that can be affected by one single car accident.
Land Brandenburg
Social Media Content Creation for Brandenburg „Es kann so einfach sein“.
F.A.Z. Campaign
„There is always a clever mind behind it“ is the famous campaign of Germany’s most important newspaper FAZ. This issue stars the neurophysiologist Wolf Singer.
For SeaWatch we created a sad and disturbing spot to sensitize for the situation of migrants crossing the seas.
Taking a stand for Berlin’s Gay Pride. We let the daily newspaper DER TAGESSPIEGEL shimmer in rainbow colors.
Too bad to get dusty on my desktop.